What Is Schematic ? What are Hardware Solutions?


Borneo Schematics : What Is Schematic ?

If you are a technician, of course you are familiar with the schematic. guide in troubleshooting smartphone repair. The biggest problem in schematic requirements is that it is difficult to get a complete schematic. What is widely circulated is usually for level 1-3 for a repair guide to the level of interface damage. Or some brands with partial schematics that do not contain complete information. Borneo schematics tries to complete your schematic needs with complete information up to the level of hardware troubleshooting. Check this link for Schematic Library / Service Manual list

Borneo Schematics : What are Hardware Solutions?

Is a collection of visual information in the form of paths, measuring points, value information for comparison, which is very useful for technicians, in their work technicians often need to reference data other than schematics such as reference values ​​from normal machines, and take measurements by frequently opening schematics and PCB layouts. Check this link for Hardware Solutions list

Borneoschematic really shortens your uptime by displaying the information you need in one run. You no longer need to look for reference values ​​from normal machines by asking or disassembling a normal smartphone to measure yourself, we have provided it. You are provided with information in either a mode diode or a reference resistance value so you can quickly decide whether your measurement is normal or defective.. For Order Borneo Schematic please click link below


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