Interested to be worldwide Borneo Schematic Reseller ?

Wellcome ! Introduce me Amelie. I am an authorized seller of BorneoSchematic as well as handling product sales for the international market. I offer products for smartphone repair especially Schematic and hardware solutions which are widely used by technicians.

The advantages of our product are in the "Hardware Solutions" section which is still new content in the technician world. Borneoschematics focuses on two things. namely schematic library and hardware solutions. schematics library is complete enough for various types. For hardware solutions we focus on updating every day. Currently focusing on Android such as the Samsung Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo etc

Borneo Schematic " Hardware Solutions " is a collection of visual information in the form of paths, measuring points, value information for comparison, which is very useful for technicians, in their work technicians often need to reference data other than schematics such as reference values ​​from normal machines, and take measurements by frequently opening schematics and PCB layouts. The principle of hardware solutions is to simplify your work in measuring and troubleshooting documentation into a more practical way of working before

This borneo schematic product is suitable for those who need a quick decision to repair smartphones and shorten troubleshooting work in one step

For reseller, we offer quantity sales at a pretty good price for you and easy reseller terms. but we do regulate for the end user sales price, so that resellers feel comfortable selling our products.

No need for a comparison phone mainboard to check and compare the measurement result while you repair. we wrote it there. BorneoSchematic : Not Just A Schematic. It's Hardware Solutions !


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    1. for reseller we have tester/trial. click whatsapp for detail wa.me/6281324963719

  2. i want to be seller what i have do ?

  3. Saya ingin belajar dan ingin mengetahui semua jenis/merk handphone kerusakan pada mesin handphone..

  4. borneo bayi olmak istiyorum türkiye istanbul

  5. compre borneo y esta muy buena lo que me gustaria que agreguen son los puertos de cargas de samsung